How To Turn off Airtag To Save Battery in [2023]

In today’s fast-paced world, keeping track of your personal belongings has never been more important. Apple’s AirTag is a fantastic solution for this problem, but like any other device, it requires energy. In this article, we’ll discuss what an AirTag is, why battery life is important, and how to turn off your AirTag to save battery. Additionally, we’ll share some tips on maximizing battery life and some frequently asked questions by AirTag users worldwide.

The Importance of Battery Life in AirTags:

AirTags are designed to have a long-lasting battery life of about one year, but this can vary depending on usage. Longer battery life means less frequent battery replacements and more reliable tracking. Therefore, it’s important to conserve battery life whenever possible, especially if you don’t use your AirTag frequently.

How to Turn off Airtag to Save Battery?

  1. Temporarily Disabling AirTag:

    Unfortunately, there is no built-in option to turn off an AirTag completely. However, you can temporarily disable its location tracking features by placing it close to your iPhone or other paired devices. This will reduce battery consumption, as the AirTag will not actively search for a connection.
  2. Removing the Airtag Battery:

    Another option to save battery life is to remove the battery from the AirTag when not in use. To do this, press down on the stainless steel back and twist counterclockwise. Remove the battery, and store it in a cool, dry place. Keep in mind that removing the battery means your AirTag will not function until the battery is reinserted.

  3. Using the Find My App

    While you cannot turn off your AirTag directly from the Find My app, you can disable notifications for specific items. This will help save battery life by reducing the number of active connections the AirTag needs to maintain.

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How long does the battery last in AirTag?

The battery in an AirTag is designed to last approximately one year with regular use. However, battery life may vary depending on usage patterns and environmental factors.

Regularly updating your AirTag’s firmware ensures that it operates efficiently and any battery-related improvements are implemented. Apple releases updates periodically, which are automatically installed when your AirTag is in range of your paired device.

Frequently Asked Questions About AirTag Battery Life

Q1: How long does the battery last in an AirTag?

A: The battery in an AirTag is designed to last approximately one year with regular use. However, battery life may vary depending on usage patterns and environmental factors.

Q2: What type of battery does an AirTag use?

A: AirTags use a CR2032 coin cell battery, which is easily replaceable and widely available.

Q3: Can I recharge the battery in my AirTag?

A: No, the CR2032 battery used in AirTags is not rechargeable. You’ll need to replace the battery when it runs out of power.

Q4: Will removing the battery from my AirTag damage it?

A: No, removing the battery will not damage your AirTag. Just be sure to follow the proper procedure for removing and reinserting the battery to avoid any issues.

Q5: How can I check the battery level of my AirTag?

A: You can check the battery level of your AirTag in the Find My app on your iPhone. The app will show a battery icon with an approximate percentage of the remaining battery life.

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Final thoughts on Airtag Battery saving:

While there is no direct way to turn off an AirTag, there are various methods to conserve its battery life. By temporarily disabling location tracking, removing the battery when not in use, and managing settings in the Find My app, you can extend the battery life of your AirTag. Additionally, keeping the firmware updated, limiting the use of Precision Finding, and maintaining battery health can help maximize the device’s battery life.