Does AirTags Make Noise in 2023?

Does AirTag Make Noise? Why Does It Make Noise?

Ever lost your keys, purse, or even your pet and wish you had a device that could help you locate them easily? Apple’s AirTag – a compact, coin-shaped device designed to keep tabs on your most precious items…

With AirTag, Apple has made it incredibly simple to keep track of your valuables. Attach it to your keys, slip it into your wallet, or even attach it to your pet’s collar, and voila! Lost items can be found swiftly with a simple tap on your Apple device.

Yes, It makes sound.. the AirTag is designed to make a sound that helps in locating it. If you’re within Bluetooth range, you can make the AirTag play a sound from the Find My app.

Why Does AirTag Make Noise?

The noise is an essential part of AirTag’s design. It helps users find their tagged items more quickly, especially when they’re out of sight.


So, does AirTag make noise? Yes, and it does so for good reasons. The noise features not only make locating your items easier but also make the device more accessible to visually impaired users. Despite a few potential concerns, Apple has made sure to address them adequately, ensuring that your AirTag brings more benefits than drawbacks.


  1. Can I control when the AirTag makes noise?
    Yes, the AirTag only makes noise when prompted through the Find My app on your device.
  2. Can other people trigger the noise on my AirTag?
    No, only the person with the Apple ID connected to the AirTag can trigger the noise.
  3. Does the AirTag make noise continuously?
    No, the AirTag makes noise for a short period when activated, but it does not continuously emit sound.
  4. Can the noise from the AirTag disturb others?
    The AirTag is designed to be loud enough to be heard within a close radius but not loud enough to be disruptive to others.
  5. Can I use the AirTag without the noise feature?
    Yes, the noise feature is only one aspect of the AirTag. You can still use the location tracking feature without activating the noise.
  6. does Airtags make noise when the battery is low?
    Apple AirTags do not make noise when their battery is low. Instead, users will receive a notification on their connected Apple device when the battery level of their AirTag is getting low. The AirTag’s replaceable battery is expected to last for about a year under normal usage, so it won’t require frequent changes. You can also save your Airtag Battery.